BANTA Creative Agency

Blk Mrkt Coffee


Dynamic, full-bodied branding for local coffee roasters.

BLK MRKT is a local, South Australian-owned small batch coffee roaster and wholesaler from Adelaide, Australia. BLK MRKT were looking for a refresh of their existing brand extending to their packaging, stationary and Ecommerce website. For the branding we took inspiration from the equipment used in coffee roasting with the three shapes representing a hopper, a cooling tray and a roasting drum.

Art Direction / Content

We approached the product photo shoot with the idea to show a visual representation of the tasting notes and strength of each coffee blend. Each blend featured unique props and lighting to visually communicate the tasting experience.

Ecommerce Photography

Our approach to the BLK MRKT coffee bag Ecommerce photography was clean, uncomplicated photography showing the product in its best light, like a work of art.


The final step of the project was to bring all the branding elements and content together to create a smooth, simple, Ecommerce website that is both functional and beautiful, utilising the striking visuals from the photo and video content.