BANTA Creative Agency

Chu Chu

Putting a nu-eastern cafe on the map with vibrant punchy content

The menu items at Chu Chu reflect the mash-up of cultures its founders experienced from growing up with Eastern cooking while living in an Australian society. The eating experience at Chu Chu takes many deliciously funky twists and turns, while catering to all sorts, from fast-moving businesspeople, to those with more time to savour the taste.

A quaint little eatery nestled in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, Chu Chu needed to find a way to make a huge statement with limited real-estate. Their predominantly corporate customer base and appropriately designated coffee counter presented a need for tailored digital content. The aim was to create punchy, fresh and unique content, like the food served in the space. 

We created a social media content strategy and managed the Chu Chu social platforms during their official launch. We placed emphasis on the fast-paced food dynamic in the content creation, where photos, videos, cinemagraphs and gifs were rolled out across all online platforms owned by the brand. 

Bespoke website and social media copy was paired with the playful branding to not only help with SEO, but also bring a personal touch to the story of Chu Chu.