BANTA Creative Agency

Spriing arch supports

Brand Awareness Campaign

Playful, colourful content for arch supports designed to give you happier feet.

TV Commercial

Having recently launched, Spriing Arch Supports were looking to gain brand awareness and communicate the benefits and application of using their products in the form of a video television commercial featuring social media influencers.

In collaboration with our in-house production team YBY Creative, we produced the content treatment which aimed to provide a visual representation of how it feels to wear Spriing arch supports through a bright, colourful energetic visual style that aligned with the Spriing branding.

In preparation for the shoot we sourced the talent, scouted the locations, sourced the props and prepared the shot list. Our team shot, edited the final ad which included custom made motion graphics of the Spriing brand assets. The Spriing TVC is due to screen on Australian National free-to-air TV from January 2022.

Integrated Campaign Content

To accompany the TVC, we produced tailored social media photo and video content that featured a consistent look and feel. New E Commerce photography and an instructional video were also produced for the Spriing website to align with the campaign.

Mini Documentary

We shot, produced and edited a mini documentary featuring Angela, the founder of Spriing. In the documentary Angela passionately tells the story of how she created Spriing, why Spriings are unique, and how she hopes her products can make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Spriing’s founder Angela is passionate about the products she created and wanted to tell the story of how Spriing came to be.