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A good recipe requires the right method; Our research is data-driven and comprehensive, from insight gathering and prototyping, to workshopping and user discovery. Our understanding of global market dynamics and customer behaviour can help you not only build, but grow genuine connections with your people, wherever they are.
Reverse Brief
Integrated Strategy
Campaign Evolution
Research & Consultancy
Concept Development
Marketing Strategy
Strategic Planning
Content Strategy


Brands and campaigns are only as good as their creative, and this is where we bring the flavour. Our team is empowered to imagine without limits and to have their input during the creative process, as conversation always brings great ideas to the forefront. Our manifesto is to draw from culture, for culture. This keeps our creative strong and fresh.
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Launch Creative
Visual Identity


Today, people demand more from brands, they want to find connection, they want a conversation, they want to see and feel a personality. This is why we speak to you to create brands that speak, captivate, and excite. Whether it’s creation, re-invention, or evolution, we’re here to help brands meet their potential.
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Brand Strategy
Brand Rejuvenation
Brand Modelling
Tone of Voice


The BANTA design practice is a contemporary, communication-focused process, which is collaborative by nature. Our aim is to bring strategic and unique solutions while cultivating an inclusive and engaging experience with our clients. We provide clear rules and frameworks when designing, but we’re not afraid to disrupt and break the grid.
Packaging Design
Signage & Wayfinding
Graphic Design
Spatial Design


We tell your story through content that is engaging, impactful and aesthetically pleasing. Our in-house capability includes a global video production arm with an extensive network of creatives spanning over 20 countries. Complementing this, is our fully equipped audio, music, and post production studio.
Video & Photography
Advertising Campaigns
Experiential Campaigns
Audio Production
Original Music


With the number of digital touchpoints growing by the day, digital marketing is not only a powerful medium to tell people about your brand, it’s essential. We can identify the platforms your brand needs to be on, build and manage them for you, find your people, tell them your story, and start a conversation.
Digital Audits
Digital Marketing
Social Media Management
Web Design & Development
Analytics & Reporting